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Family Activities & Educational Opportunities 

Learning to live; and living to learn! 

As a family with school age children, there were multiple reasons for us deciding to incorporate homeschooling into our lives.


One of the biggest influences was what I have learned (and am still learning) as a psychotherapist. I have worked in the mental health field for over 30 years, and have had a front row seat in observing psychological “trends” in our culture- across all age groups. This experience has not only influenced my role as a professional counselor with my clients, but it has also influenced my efforts in my own home with my own family and children.


While this awareness was incredibly valuable, it also came with the weight of responsibility which, unfortunately, placed me and my family in a position of being “counter-culture”. It not only influenced how we spent time together as a family, but it shaped our expectations and needs regarding our children’s education as well- socially, morally, and academically. We came to understand the critical importance of creating the space, where we as their parents, could offer  learning opportunities. We realized  that these experiences lay the groundwork for strong and healthy kids mentally, physically and spiritually. As a result, we chose to incorporate home schooling into our lives. While we understand that homeschooling is not for everyone, I highly recommend that families create their own educational and learning opportunitiesfor their children and role model healthy lifestyles.  This involves creating the space for free play, reading books together, asking questions, offering affirmations, practicing healthy communication skills, spending time outdoors, and sharing positive reframe for problems and conflict as they arise in real time.  We recognize that we are the ones who teach our children how to manage living this life.  


When we decided to build our cabin, we had 2 goals in mind-

  1. To create fun experiential learning opportunities by providing a space and place for our family to connect with each other, friends, and nature.

  2. To share fun experiential learning opportunities by providing a space and place for OTHER FAMILIES to connect with each other, friends, and nature.


You will see these opportunities woven throughout our cabin.  From the children’s library nook filled with quality books, feeling charts, a nugget sofa, and tons of family board games to dinnertime conversation cards, gratitude calendars, and an indoor scavenger hunt. Our hope is that you use these opportunities during your stay at Mi Vida Loca, to play, share feelings, talk, and learn more about each other and that you will continue these practices with your family when you return to your home.

Q. Why did you put T.V's & a video game console in your cabin if the goal is to reconnect as a family?

A. While it might seem counterintuitive for us to have electronics (TV and gaming console) in a space that is encouraging more connection to each other and nature, there were a couple of reasons that we chose to have these family features.


While it is true that our family goal is to get away from the world when visiting Mi Vida Loca, we also recognize that people (and families) are at different places in their journey. Many families that do not yet know how to free play together, can at least have the structure to watch a movie together or play video games together. This is why we purchased the 2 person gaming console versus the single.


In addition, I would like to add that many parents can also use this opportunity to teach children moderation in the world we live in. I would encourage parents to limit their child’s electronic activities during their stay if the parents are not directly involved in playing with their children.


TVs can also be used for educational and teaching opportunities when the parents are involved.


Computers can be tremendously educational if monitored and directed by parents.


Create an opportunity 

Set the tone-

Encourage your kids to leave their electronics at home if you can. Ask them to pack their favorite books and/or board games. Buy “on the road” entertainment like, ad libs, magnetic travel games, etc that encourage creativity.

Play family games on the drive such as “I spy”, “slug a bug”, or “alphabet finds” etc while you drive in.​

Listen to upbeat and happy music on the drive out.​

Set healthy limits-

It is advised that prior to your arrival, you may want to- Let your children know about time limits and expectations for TV and video games before arriving to the cabin. Tell yourself, as parents, that you will take a break from your phone and work while you are at the cabin.

Set the schedule-​

With family involvement, create a rough schedule made of local events and exploration opportunities that you would like to do during your stay.

Set the night-

As a family, try to end each evening with the practice of gratitude. There are gratitude cards on the fireplace mantle in the living room for reference. 

Mi Vida Loca

Educational Opportunities & Family Features

  • Large open concept floorplan to encourage time together.

  • Indoor family scavenger hunt.

  • Geocaching on property.

  • Arrow headhunts.

  • Children's under-stairs library nook filled with educational books, toys, and games.

  • Meal time “conversation cards” at all the tables.

  • Family board games.

  • Shuffleboard.

  • Hot tub.

  • Two-person vintage video game console.

  • A firepit with swings.

  • Landing with a corkscrew slide off the house.

  • Educational pictures and quotes throughout the cabin.

  • Children's bubble window.

  • Wooden teepee.

  • Corn hole.

  • Horseshoes.

  • Window birdfeeder.

  • Earthing and grounding opportunities.

  • Cookbooks for meal prep.

  • Bird, owl, butterfly, and bat houses.

  • Gratitude cards for family sharing.


Educational Opportunities & Family Features

  • Clubhouse with pool tables, Large TVs, and shuffleboard.

  • Restaurant for indoor dining or delivery to your cabin.

  • Outdoor swimming pool and kiddie pool

  • Hot tub.

  • Stocked fishing ponds.

  • Walking trails.

  • Children’s playground.

Broken Bow & Hochatown

Educational Opportunities & Family Features

Educational Opportunities & Homeschool

*If you are interested in understanding how to manage stress and improve overall mental and physical health for you and your family, please reference “Just what the doctor ordered…” on our home page (Supportive articles will be sited)

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