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Group Events

If you're seeking the perfect venue for group gatherings, look no further. Mi Vida Loca offers an idyllic setting that transcends the ordinary, providing a haven for memorable and enriching experiences. Here's why Mi Vida Loca at Pine Lake Resort is the ultimate choice for your group gatherings:

Embrace Tranquility in Nature
Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life as you step into a world where nature takes center stage. Surrounded by the lush greenery and picturesque beauty of Broken Bow, Mi Vida Loca provides a tranquil retreat that sets the stage for unforgettable group gatherings.

Tailored Spaces for Every Occasion
From intimate family reunions to small corporate retreats and educational workshops, Mi Vida Loca offers versatile spaces perfectly suited for your group's needs. For larger groups Pine Lake Resort's community clubhouse can be rented to accommodate and ensure a comfortable and enjoyable stay for everyone, as well as catering and event coordination

Endless Activities & Adventures
The possibilities for group activities are boundless. Whether you're seeking team-building adventures, outdoor excursions, or simply relaxing moments by the lake, Mi Vida Loca provides a canvas for crafting unique and engaging experiences for your group.

Unmatched Hospitality & Services
Our commitment to providing exceptional hospitality ensures that your gathering is not just an event but an experience. Immerse yourself in our top-notch services and amenities, promising a seamless and enjoyable stay for every member of your group.

Memories That Last a Lifetime
At Mi Vida Loca, every gathering is an opportunity to create lasting memories. The combination of stunning surroundings, tailored spaces, diverse activities, and exceptional hospitality guarantees an experience that your group will cherish for years to come.

Conclusion: Your Ideal Group Gathering Destination
Mi Vida Loca at Pine Lake Resort isn't just a venue; it's a destination that fosters connections, cultivates shared experiences, and redefines group gatherings. Whether you're here for celebration, bonding, learning, or relaxation, our resort is poised to exceed your expectations and create moments that linger in your memories.

Come and discover why Mi Vida Loca at Pine Lake Resort is the perfect canvas for your group's next unforgettable gathering.


Contact us today to start planning your event at

When two cabins are better than one...
Sister cabins sleep up to 25 (23 adults & 2 kids) 

These sister cabins sit on the same 1.6-acre lot in the resort. They can accommodate up to 25 guests (23 adults & 2 children) they offer the perfect blend of privacy (separate homes) and proximity (within walking distance) to food, fun, and fellowship with each other. If you have a larger party and would prefer adjacent cabins please contact to learn more about our combo discount opportunities and availability. 

What draws people to be friends is that they see the

same truth. They share it.
- C.S. Lewis

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