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The Story of Mi Vida Loca 

"And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul."

- John Muir

The dream behind Mi Vida Loca (My Crazy Life) was the collective vision and mission of my husband and me. We wanted to create a “home away from home” where life could slow down, distractions were minimized, and we could reconnect to each other, our children, and nature. We recognized that life had become so hectic and busy, that we were getting lost in it and it was taking a toll on us mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Our chosen careers also reinforced what we were personally experiencing at a societal level. My husband was a firefighter & paramedic for 32 years and saw the damage on peoples’ bodies from this toxic stress. I, as a psychotherapist, had a front-row seat to the mental health struggles that this lifestyle created for families and children. In an effort to help, at both the intervention and prevention levels, I began public speaking on these issues within the mental health community, churches, and schools.

Armed with our collective knowledge, we knew that we wanted our cabin to be more than just a place to sleep. We wanted it to be a place where families can "get back to basics" and learn how to reconnect to each other, ground in nature, share feelings, practice gratitude, and play- all free of distractions and barriers from our stress-riddled world.

Our family had visited Eastern Oklahoma many times and we fell in love with the mountains, clear waters, towering pines, and the wildlife. We knew Broken Bow, Oklahoma area was where we wanted our cabin to be located. We loved all of the cabins we had visited in the past but really wanted to customize our cabin to better accommodate our family and guests with the features and amenities that aligned with our vision and mission.

“The family that plays together, stays together.”
-author unknown

Woman Walking in Forest
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