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The Maze of Hochatown

My family and I were eager to go and experience the new Hochatown Maze. On the drive, my 14 year old son, comparing it to the corn maze that we do every year for Halloween, stated that he felt like this would be “lame” and “super easy”. However, he quickly changed his tune when we pulled up in the parking lot. He took one look and stated, “Well, maybe not.” As we began our journey into this 29,000 square foot wooded outdoor maze, we decided to make it a girls versus guys competition- of which I knew the girls would win. However, my anxiety began to set in when I saw, which would be the first of many, “watering stations”. “Really?”, I thought to myself... However, after about 20 minutes in, I began to wonder if this family excursion would turn into a raiders of the lost ark situation, where we would begin to find the skeletal remains of previous participants. Also, I need to mention, that just finding your way out is not all you are tasked to do. Part of the adventure is searching for hidden “stamps” strategically located in a series of passageways, towers, and stairways. The objective sounds simple- get all of the stamps on your card and claim success as you then attempt to find the exit. I have to admit, that after an hour or so of walking, what seemed to be in circles, I finally agreed to call “uncle” to the employees who were available on a large platform in the center of the maze. This “lifeline” allows frustrated, hungry, or in need of a bathroom, participants to be provided with directions to their next opportunity for another stamp or to exit altogether. So yeah, you can cheat (no shame). Had I not exercised this option, I can honestly say (well kind’a) that we would still be there. All kidding aside, this is a wonderful family activity, fun for all ages, and offers a little strategic, but bonding family time!!

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